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  • Inline Skate Bearings

Sierra Bridge, the inline skate bearing innovator!

Sierra Bridge is the technical innovator. Working closely with the OEMs, we design and develop custom-made bearings to satisfy their needs, also to meet the cost target.

We have shown to the world that our specially designed bearings have brought the phenomenal wheel free spin to the inline skate industry.

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Dare to demand the Best Speed Bearings from
Sierra Bridge !

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  • Bearings for other sporting goods: Bicycle, Fishing Equipment, skateboards and mountain boards

  • Quality Control

    Total Quality is our top priority. The Quality Improvement Program is implemented and monitored by the management team. The entire manufacturing process is followed by a strict procedure. ISO492, ISO1132, and ISO5753 maintain product tolerance. Bearing is assembled and tested in clean room condition. The quality assurance inspection and testing are performed during whole manufacturing and conducted on each batch. Extensive testing is also conducted at our test lab by sampling.

    The manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 certified.

  • OEM Manufacturing Program

    Manufacturing bearings according to customers’ specification.
    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your special requirement.

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  • Drop Shipments: Upon request, alternate sides of shipments to different countries are available.
  • Shipping Document: Our export department handles shipment booking and export documents, makes sure each shipment to be arrived on time.

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